As a Medical Marketing Manager it is important for me to know the latest trends in my field. Seeing that Astra Nova Ltd provides a comprehensive Pharmaceutical Industry Training that is business-focused I decided to sign up right away. This course enabled me to benefit from various strategic options which are available for leading companies. As an online course that took just 4 hours, it really turned out to be much better than all of those lengthy face-to-face meetings.


Connor McDonnel

The Pharma Industry (Business Focus)

Accreditation: Bii approved
CPD: 0 CPD points
Duration: 4 hours
Certificate: Yes
£105 per person

The training "The Pharmaceutical Industry: a rapid changing world" has for primary objective to provide attendees with an update of the worldwide pharmaceutical market with its major trends as well as key strategic directions taken by firms. Attendees will benefit from latest figures on various sectors of the industry including growing sectors such as biosimilars but more importantly from strategic options available for leading companies.
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